In Mexico’s incredible wealth of indigenous history, the Huichol have their place as a native people that have survived Franciscan mission & Spanish colonialism to retain their language and customs throughout the centuries. In the mountainous regions of Jalisco & Nayarit they continue to live largely isolated from, and sometimes mingling with modern life. Known for their yarn painting & objects decorated with beads, Huichol art is an intricate craft.

The Vault by Vans x Huichol capsule releases September 20 (limited to 360 pairs globally) at select stores including: Vans DQM General NYC & Boston, Blends, Bodega, Conveyor, Darkside Initiative, Opening Ceremony, Proper, and St. Alfred.


1)  Name / Location / Profession
Josh Zucker / Los Angeles / Photographer / Videographer

2) What are some of your favorite things to photograph?

My Grandfather owned a camera store in NY & shot portraits for a living. Both my parents are also artists, which got me into drawing at a very young age. From my childhood I can remember sketching many people that I looked up to from magazines & posters. This interest must have carried over to my photography when I began documenting my friends & family. Because I was a bit reclusive as a teenager, the camera has become a great asset to me. It constantly puts me in situations that I would never dream of, yet I can be there with more of an outsider’s eye. After graduating high school, I immediately moved to Los Angeles. It was exciting to see all the new faces & personalities which became a large catalyst for my passion of shooting people & the stories they create.

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So over the week and weekend, artists Rich Jacobs and photographers Tobin Yelland, Clint Woodside, and Angela Boatwright have been in China helping set up House of Vans Asia as well as doing everything from zine workshops to painting walls and skate obstacles. There will be HOV art, music and skate events happening in Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong & Ghangzhou!  Check out House of Vans Asia for updates and photos! 

Photographs courtesy of Angela Boatwright, Rich Jacobs, & House of Vans Asia

We’ve been following Art Basel these last few months and have been impressed by the amount of interesting works, so we’re excited that the Miami Beach Art Basel is coming up!  It begins December 4-7, 2014 and features 267 galleries!