Supply And Demand Show at House of Vans September 10th

:  The Supply and Demand Show - group show at House of Vans featuring works by Chris Yormick, Rich Jacobs, Russ Pope and Jay Howell - opened Saturday night (Sept. 10th) to a great crowd of folks who ventured out to see this truly unique show and installation. 

Here’s the silk screened Supply and Demand title wall. The artists arrived a week earlier to work on painting the ramps for the show.  There was also a gallery space located in the front of the House of Vans where folks could see and purchase some original works.  Then out back there were some food trucks and free tacos. 

Here’s some photos of the installation and works they did on the ramps.  Sort of the mother of all collaborations if you ask me. 

The artists arrived about a week before to start painting on the ramps at the House of Vans.  They decided to work organically, each starting a piece somewhere and then eventually having their characters interact.  All free hand too - no sketching or anything.  They also shared all the materials including the colors, making it even more cohesive. 

I love the interactions between each artists’ characters and artist.  Here’s a nice one between Jay Howell and Russ Pope. 

Watch your back dude.

Dropping in Russ Pope dude… 

Close up of Russ Pope’s character. I was chatting with Jay who was telling me that Russ uses various stages of dried and beaten up brushes to create some really nice dry strokes.  

Here’s a character by artist Chris Yormick who mixes his characters with really cool old sheets of paper collaged around. 

Here’s a section right against the bowl above featuring some Jay Howell radness.

I really dug these wooden skateboard dudes by Russ Pope.  That fellas on his way to a painful bail. 

Wood character sculptures by Russ Pope.  That’s right even the backs are painted too. 

The art gloves were off.

Check out this section that they built and cut out during the days before. 

Top hat and bikinis will be sweeping the nation. HEEYYY Linda. 

SICK piece on this quarter pipe by Rich Jacobs.

A fuller shot of how all of it flows together.   

Before the opening on Saturday night, there was a little skate session going on between 6-7.   

And then it was opening time… 

Chris and Kelly were awesome and ready for the folks.

Here’s a shot from the back wall of the inner gallery.  Works by Russ Pope, Chris Yormick, Rich Jacobs, and Jay Howell on display and for sale. 

Art by Rich Jacobs

Wood sculpture piece by Rich. 

Works by Russ Pope (below)

Works by Jay Howell

This fellow above sold at the opening! Congrats to Jay.

Ink, spray paint, and stickers. 

These dudes cracked me up good and hard. 

Works by Chris Yormick (below)

Thanks to all the folks at the House of Vans for their help.

Crowds rolling in to see the art and meet the artists

Love this piece by artist Jay Howell.  

Lots of old buddy love going on that night.

Artist Paul Windle checked out the art and then went to check out the skating.

Brooklyn based artist Alessandro Echevarria aka Skulldaggery borrowed a board and gave it a go as well. 

 Jim Dirschberger of and friend Megan.

Artist Dennis Mcnett 

Neckface cover on the Juxtapoz.   Should have grabbed one for the plane ride!

Kara and Thommy digging the Russ Pope sculptures.

Artist John Malta, Jay Howell, and Nicole. 

Rich Jacobs and Russ Pope

Moch of The Stache Life

Unicorn sighting

Vans store winners.  Sold the most Vans at their locations. 

Jim, Josh and Chris out on the streets! 

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