SAN FRANCISCO, CA:  Greg PNUT Galinsky and Smoke-1 recently helped do some sweet customized boards for a give-away at the 2011 THA HOOD GAMES, which was held African American Arts & Culture Complex (AAACC) October 1st.  They received stacks of used decks which they sanded and re-painted for kids in a give-away.  Always nice to see a good event that recycles and distributes skate decks to kids who can’t always get one!

Tha Hood Games was created in 2005 by Keith “K-Dub” Williams, Oakland artist and educator, and his students from an Oakland High School skateboard club. The event features skate boarding, art-making, music & dance performances. Later joining the crew was Adjoa Murden, Karl Watson - pro skater - and Jason Salfi of Comet Skateboards.

Here’s some photos courtesy of DJsmoky SmokyDj .  Check out the rest here

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