Rich Jacobs Interview On Untitled Mag

Check out Untitled Mag’s online interview with artists Rich Jacobs.  An interview in any language with Rich is rad, but to read this one, make sure you use Google Translator.

UM-How do you define your style?

RJ- I like to think of my style as a result of what I have seen, where I’ve been, experiences that life has taught me, what is learned being married, having a baby … my style is me. Not false or stylized, no makeup or airbrushing on … really is pure expression that comes from within. My work is a mirror of who I am and I’m close enough to hear it and do something about it. I also like working in the figurative and the abstract.

UM-Of all your works which stand out most are expensive Why?

RJ- And … do many faces, tell stories and keep track of the life experiences of people are like markers or pens people. I like to see people and faces are usually the first thing I see.

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