Congrats to Lakeridge High School for taking the top prize in this year’s Vans Custom Culture 2013 who, along with American for the Arts and Journey and Truth, awarded schools nationwide for their creative efforts customizing shoes.  Lakeridge High School, receiving the winning votes from a celebrity panel, won $50,000 to their school’s art program.  AFTA and Vans also donated $20,000 to ten schools across country to advance their art education programs. Middletown High School picked up $10,000 from Journeys for the ‘Local Attitude’ award, designing custom Vans that best represented local flavor. Lastly, Truth awarded Mountain View High School for a skateboard deck design.

Check out some of the winning schools and designs below. Stay tuned for updates on 2014’s Vans Custom Culture contest to see your school win.

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