Vans at Classic & City Events | City Guide: San Francisco Artist Serena Mitnik-Miller

SF, you’re up for stop number two of our 2013 Classic & City events. We’ll be at Slim’s on September 27th for Classic & San Francisco with music art and good times. Music by Nick Waterhouse + Cool Ghouls and free customized Vans gear by local artist Serena Mitnik-Miller.

RSVP opens 9/16 at See you there.

What’s your age/name/location?
Serena Mitnik-Miller I am 31 and I live in San Francisco.

What types of materials do you use?
Mostly watercolor on paper at the moment but I like to dabble in other
mediums too.

Tell us about your preparation for the upcoming event?
I have been working away at hand drawing each pair of Vans, and today
I will be dying t shirts and socks as well!

What was your idea behind your design?
The designs vary but the style is inspired by batik patterns, but in
stead of a resist I am using bleach.

Favorite pair of Vans?
My favorite pair are Vans Canvas Authentic Off White, and I have a
supper old vintage pair I love.

Any advice to aspiring artists?
Go big!

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