Artist Brian Butler will be making some rad custom Vans gear for the Classic & Boston event on Oct. 11th,  so we thought we’d learn a little more about him via this Q&A. 

What’s your age/name/location?

Brian Butler, 27, Boston x Miami

What types of materials do you use?

I asked for black shoes so I could use whiteout and china markers to make ghostly imagery all over them. I used black markers to clean up any sloppy spots. I think Boston and Massachusetts in general is pretty haunted, plus the Classic & Boston event is near Halloween, so I wanted to spook-out the shoes accordingly.

Tell us about your preparation for the upcoming event?

I reference a bunch of stuff I thought was rad growing up in MA. There’s some very overt doodles that call out specific places in MA, mixed with symbols like toilet paper. (Those are the shoes your gonna wear on Mischief Night, messing up the neighborhood with tp, eggs, and flaming bags of dog poo!) 

What was your idea behind your design?

I don’t know who’s going to receive what pair, so I tried to keep things ambiguous. I threw chains on a couple pairs, to be representational of some of the music I dug growing up. I doubt the person who gets the chain shoes will be like “oh rad, like Chain of Strength”. But I think it’s a robust enough graphic that someone will find value in it.  

Favorite pair of Vans?

I had a pair of Anthony Van Engelen  SK8 Low Premiums that I wore to death. I later graduated to some good ol’ Suede/Canvas Old Skools.
Which are also about ready for retirement. 
Any advice to aspiring artists?
The thing I need to keep reminding myself is not to worry about “wasting a good idea” on a little project. From experience, those good ideas manifest into better ideas. I think it’s paralyzing to dwell on an idea too long. Better to just waste it. If it haunts you, it really probably was a good idea, so do it again better. So that’s important. I also think aspiring artists should try and collaborate as often as possible. Even if it’s with people who have no relation to what your doing. That type of mutual support and weird compromise usually breeds cool results. 
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