There’s a short Interview with photographer Alexis Gross up on Vans Classics Lookbook.   She talks about her experience working with the Vans X Star Wars collaboration.   Here’s a snippet of that interview:

As a Classic & Family veteran, we are entering round 3, I believe? What’s the work with Vans been like for you?

AG: I love working with Vans. They support me and my aesthetic, and we have a mutual love and respect for each other.

What has been going on in the world of Alexis Gross since the last issue?
AG: I moved to my own place finally and have been slowly focusing on organizing all my stuff! Really enjoying California and being able to do whatever I want every day. That can also be a curse, though. I am overall happy with the way things are going in my life.

What was your first thought when being asked to take on shooting the Star Wars product? Had you seen it?
AG: I thought, “Holy shit, I am shooting something for Star Wars. That’s insane.” I would say half the population of the world is obsessed with that movie. I had only seen one of the shoe styles at the point of being asked to shoot this but was impressed by the execution of design. I really like the collaboration of the Star Wars icons with everyday wearable prints.

Read more on Vans Classics Lookbook.

Photographs by Alexis Gross 

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