Interview with Mike Giant on Fatcap

 Brock Brake has a great interview with graffiti and skateboarding legend Mike Giant on  Here’s a few excerpts:

So how did you discover graffiti and the name Giant?

I was introduced to graffiti writing culture through the "Subway Art" book. A kid in a high school math class had it. Then I found it at a local bookstore and would dig through it whenever I had the chance.

A few years later, in ‘89, I saw some guys spraypainting in a concrete ditch that I skated at a lot. They painted during the middle of the afternoon. So the next day I went back to the same spot and painted some stuff. It was terrible, but I was hooked.

After painting for a month or so, at the same skate spot, I fell down really hard and a friend said that I went down like a giant. Something clicked, and that’s been my tag ever since.

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