Dennis McNett has been crusading his Wolfbat Viking ships throughout various cities in the US!  Hopefully you’ll get to catch one of these epic celebrations that usually end in a ship burning.  Also, we’re really digging his latest Owl print which we’re keeping our eyes out for. 

While watching Dennis McNett work on some projects for our House of Vans pop-u[p this week, we had to ask one more question…

Vans: If you had no rules or restrictions at all to do one single project, what would it be?

Dennis: I can’t just say one thing, there are a couple of things.

Vans: Okay, let’s talk scenarios then. 

Dennis: Well… The Deitch Artparade left New York, and Manhattan has the Halloween parade. I’ve always kind of wanted to like invade Manhattan from Brooklyn over the river with multiple Viking Ships.

Vans: [laughs] Would you set them on fire mid-way?

Dennis: Maybe… I also always kind of fantasize about just getting a piece of property somewhere and just building one thing until I die… Think about it, just wake up, have some coffee do some gardening, feed my pack of wolves then go to the supply yard and get something to  build onto the Wolfbat Temple. 

Q&A with artist Dennis McNett installing at House of Vans (Boston) 

After a 5AM wake up call, having to chip his car out of two feet of ice to get to the airport, and a delayed flight, Dennis McNett made it to Boston and got straight to work on our House of Vans space. While he was working, I asked him about what he had even been doing in Philly that morning in the first place. 

Dennis: I’m staying in Philly for the whole month, I’m kind of sick of Brooklyn. I just feel like New York has started to lose it’s flavor. 

Vans: What are you working on there?

Dennis: I’m working with Philadelphia Mural Arts and I’m building a really big Viking Ship sculpture that is going to go in the Seaport Museum. I’m also doing workshops with kids there. They’re awesome because they’re really at the place where you want to be as an artist. No one has said to them yet that you can’t put those two colors together, or that they can’t combine those two animals, so what they can come up with is really creative.

Vans: What do they do in the workshops?

Dennis: They are making these kind of Wolfbat Warrior Shaman Masks that hopefully at the end of the month they’ll be able to wear to help kind of parade the Viking Ship into this Art Fair and derby thing that is going on. 

Vans: Sounds pretty awesome.

Photographs by Amanda Rae Stephens

Artist Dennis McNett was in Boston with us over the last few days to help us put some seriously rad art on the walls in our pop-up House of Vans space. Although getting there was pretty tough (thanks snow storm) he was a totally good sport about letting me pepper him with questions while he worked. Look out for more Q&A and photos over the next few days!