Back In LA: Mike Giant

Mike Giant was recently visiting Southern California for the opening of Pasadena Museum of California Art’s Getting Upper: Graphic Designers and Artists Reconsider the Alphabeta group show he’s in that was inspired by language-based experimentation from 26 artists, each re-imagining a letter from the alphabet.  He continues his trip down to San Diego to visit some buddies. 

Check out some more photos from his trip on his Rebel8 blog.

I’m back in LA now, chillin’ in my homie’s guest house. I had an awesome time in San Diego. I arrived Sunday afternoon and linked up with artist friends Mike Maxwell and James Brisk. Brisk told us about something called “Slappy Sundays” so we headed out to George Dewey Elementary School to grind some curbs! This is James and I with legendary SD skater Kien Lieu.

Artist Mike Maxwell also does some really insightful artist interviews on his podcast, LIVE FREE.  Mike has an upcoming show, Extra Sensory, May 20th at Subtext Gallery in San Diego.  For more info, you can check out the event info

That evening I hooked up with my old friends Bobby and Carl from Tribal.