Explore springtime in NYC through the lens of Brooklyn photographer Jason Levins in the newest installment of Classic & Family.  Here’s a snippet of our Q &A with Jason. 

How did photography happen?
JL: I was always attracted to the idea of the photographer and their darkroom, like an alchemist in the lab, as well as having a record of the past to look back on. That combined with the interactions I had in my childhood with photographers working for skate and snowboard magazines and brands made photography seem like a natural characteristic of a life well lived. 

How do you relate to Vans?
JL: Well, coincidentally enough, I wear Vans Authentics, Sk8-His, and Chukka Boots somewhat ritualistically, so when the opportunity to work with the brand came up there was no question in my mind it was the right thing to do. 

Read the entire Jason Levins’s full interview on Vans Classic Lookbook. 

Vans Announces House of Vans London, August 9th

Good news London!  Vans will be opening a House of Vans London, a 3000-sqm venue for music, galleries, artist labs, cafe, cinema, and skatepark, beneath London’s Waterloo Station.  For emerging and established artists, there will be four studios available with the opportunity to exhibit as well as artists in residence who will hold workshops for the local community.  To find out more about HOV London, check out our HOV London Video



Vancouver has been going off all week leading up to today’s Van Doren Invitational webcast on Thrasher at 2pm PST. Last night Vans Syndicate hosted the Bryce Kanights Renegades and Role Models photo show at the Fortune Sound Club with John Cardiel on the 1s and 2s and there wasn’t a dry throat in the house! Thanks to everyone that came out and celebrated with us and Bryce, one of the most bad ass photographers in skate history. 

Bryce Kanights : Photo exhibition


LA art duo Friends With You have released a new book spanning the last several years of their globe-trotting mission to,”affect world culture by cultivating special moments of spiritual awareness and powerful, joyous interaction.” Hippies. After watching ‘seen everything’ New Yorkers bouncing around like a bunch of 4-year-olds in the installation near the High Line last year, I’d say Friends With You is on the right track. 

Some sweet pieces from 2014 Art Basel this week! We’re loving the use of colors from three artists, each done uniquely with a different approach from the portrait by Richard Lindner ‘L’academicien (Le poet)’ to Sadie Coles’s large abstract paintings to Pieter Schoolwerth’s ‘Shadows Past 10.’  

Wirtz Elementary School Paramount, CA - After mural was shown to kids for the first time, they had a jam sesh with Tim Kerr on instruments they all made. 

Photograph by Amanda Rae Stephens